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Reflections on Afghanistan, Two Years On

August 31, 20235:09

A diverse group of Afghan women, some of whom have participated in the Wilson Center's Hindsight Up Front Afghanistan activities over the last two years, look back and look forward as Afghanistan marks two years since US forces left the country.

Featured Experts:

Marwa Dashty is a human rights activist. 

Pashtana Durrani is executive director of LEARN, an Afghan education NGO.

Fereshta Kazemi is an actress and artist.

Nilofar Sakhi is a lecturer at George Washington University.

Masuda Sultan is a women’s rights activist and co-founder of All in Peace. 

Q: How has Afghanistan changed over the past two years?

Q: How have Afghan lives changed over the past two years?

Q: What surprised you the most over the last two years?

Q: What will you be watching in Afghanistan over the next year?

Q: What do you think US policy in Afghanistan should be?

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Indo-Pacific Program

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