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Overdose Crisis in North America and Innovative Approaches to Address the Disease of Addiction

44:41February 27, 2023

A record number of people are dying from overdoses of synthetic drugs like illicitly manufactured fentanyl.  At the recent North American Leaders Summit, Presidents Biden and Lopez Obrador and Prime Minister Trudeau discussed cooperative ways to address the flow of these substances across our common borders.  Chris and Scotty discuss policy approaches to the drug crisis with one of the leading thinkers and advocates on the topic, Regina LaBelle, Distinguished Scholar and Director of the Addiction and Public Policy Initiative at the O'Neill Institute at Georgetown University Law Center.

Cover image credit: Brandis

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Regina LaBelle Headshot

Regina LaBelle

Distinguished Scholar and Director, Addiction and Public Policy Initiative, The O’Neill Institute


Chris Sands

Christopher Sands

Director, Canada Institute
Maryscott Greenwood Profile Photo

Maryscott "Scotty" Greenwood

Chief Executive Officer, Canadian American Business Council

Canada Institute

The mission of the Wilson Center's Canada Institute is to raise the level of knowledge of Canada in the United States, particularly within the Washington, DC policy community.  Research projects, initiatives, podcasts, and publications cover contemporary Canada, US-Canadian relations, North American political economy, and Canada's global role as it intersects with US national interests.  Read more